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Hybrid educational materials for young English learners

Ready-to-use materials, targeting your class level, emphasizing speech-to-text learning

Children are engaged and have fun while reinforcing and reviewing material

Built-in audio strengthens visual-audio associations within a natural language context

Provide an uncommon experience for your students and they will reward you with an uncommon attitude and effort.

–David Burgess
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Hi! I’m Chaya Bluma Gadenyan,

creator of emglit teaching materials for young learners of the English language. I’m happy to provide you with ready-to-use interactive activities to engage your students, perfect for review and reinforcement.

I was privileged to immigrate to Israel after graduating from Rice University. Years later, when raising my daughter, I intentionally chose for her to learn English as I had – with fun and at home – because we lived in a place where there were few native English speakers. Today, both Hebrew and English are her mother tongues.

About four years ago, I decided to make another significant change in my life. After years of employment in high-tech, I fulfilled a childhood dream and became a teacher. Since then I immensely enjoyed helping hundreds of children in China and Israel improve their ability to communicate in English. I have witnessed first-hand the effectiveness of combining digital materials and modeling correct speech.

Under the auspices of the R&D Division of the Israeli Ministry of Education, I have developed an app for teachers of young learners of English to use interactive games in their classrooms. I aim to use my experience to support your children’s success in learning English joyfully and naturally.

Hybrid educational materials for young learners of English

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